Venue Update

Venue Update
Type of post: Barbershop/a capella news item
Sub-type: No sub-type
Posted By: Andy Watkins
Status: Current
Date Posted: Thu, 2 Nov 2023
We have been frantically searching for a new venue ever since the newly found Suffolk Punch pub closed its doors... It was back to the drawing board... We managed to have a standby venue at Freston Village Hall, but it was a bit far for some of our members, especially our MD who lives in Cambridgeshire.  We have temporarily booked ourselves into Needham Market Community Centre up until Christmas, we could book longer but the venue isnt accoustically pleasing, so the search continues, but we're not running around like headless chickens... There are 3 venues that we are looking at, so watch this space!

When we find a regular secure venue, we can set about recruiting... We are still recruiting but without a regular venue its kind of difficult, so we're not putting all our efforts into it as finding a venue is taking up a lot of our time.