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The VIPs are recruiting, have a look and get in touch!

The VIPs are a male A cappella chorus, singing predominently in the barbershop barbershop style.
We are a small chorus with a big sound.

New members are very welcome.... And in fact wanted!!

We rehearse in Stowmarket, at the Community Centre on Hillside (See visit a rehearsal for further details).
We usually have a 2 hour rehearsal in which we learn new songs, work on old songs, and learn techniques that help in our singing.  Having said that we quite often overrun, but when you enjoy something, that's not too bad, and in any case, if you have to go, you can go (We don't lock the doors).
Afterwards a few of us like to pop down the road and talk about all sorts (Not just barbershop!) and sometimes we'll even give the other clientele a song or two.
Barbershop singing is unique in that there are no musical accompaniments, all the music that you hear is produced by the 4 voice parts in the chorus; Basses produce the low notes, Leads provide the melody (mostly), tenors provide the high notes, and Baritones fill in the gaps in the notes to produce a full rich sound so often associated with barbershop singing.  If you haven't heard barbershop before, come along, you're in for a treat.
We have members from as far as Clacton, and Ely, as well as closer ones from Ipswich, Felixstowe, Bury St Edmunds, Stowmarket, and surrounding villages.  We are a fun bunch and always have a bit of fun while doing the serious stuff of learning songs.
Our repertoire has songs from late 1800's to the 1970's, and we are looking into bring in some newer songs.
All songs are sung "off the sheet" meaning that we don't have music in front of us when we perform, so the learning is of the words as well as the notes!
Once a year we attend annual convention, which is held on alternate years between Harrogate and Bournemouth, they are always great fun, and most of us make a weekend of it.

                  We are actively looking to recruit all parts; Tenors, Leads, Baritones and Basses      

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