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Photos of our rehearsal nights

Photos of Performances that we have done

Photos of when we've got together outside normal rehearsals or performances
On Stage At Conventions

Phots of us on the big stage at Conventions
Convention 2019 Bournemouth

Photos of the 2019 Convention at Bournemouth
Retreat Day 9th April 2022

A full day of rehearsal in preparation or Convention
Convention 2022 Harrogate

Back After a 2 year absence, the Convention was amazing!
4-Tunes at IABS 2022

3 members of the VIPs went over to the Irish Convention in October 22
Happy Sundays at LABBS 2022 Bournemouth

Happy Sunday are a quartet that has our Assistant MD and Baritone Ben Topliss, and on their first performance came an incredible 4th! October 2022 at Bournemouth International Centre

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